Expanding your business

The goal of AM Foods is to help our clients grow their business in harmony with consumer expectations. We
support you by providing products and innovative solutions, allowing your business to grow and develop.
Your challenges guide our scope of work and future product development.
Our culinary support includes menu planning and development to aid you in getting the most out of our
products and within your budget. Our team offers personalized solutions that evolve as your challenges
change. We supply personalized recipes to make sure that your menu is executed in the way you imagined.
Marketing Support & Business Innovation
Our marketing communications team will provide support and innovative ideas, improving the flow of
information to end-customers and markets. We also help our clients select the best ingredients suited for
their menus in our product range. Rely on AM Foods to supply menu upgrades, as well as providing product
know-how and the respective marketing material.
Reliable Partner
As we develop relationships with our clients, we get to know their business needs. As a result we advise on upcoming opportunities for you to save money through smart planning and buying. Our sales team is at your
service with any questions you have and is available to help you make the best product choices. The close
contact between sales agents and customers creates familiarity but you can also find all the information and
product listings on our website: www.amfoodsgroup.com . You will also find our key contacts and additional information on our products and our support service. To make life as stress free as possible for you, we deliver all over Egypt and will bring you what you need, when you need it, just call 16446